Whether you really are a Brazilian or you are planning a marriage in Brazil, there are many interesting and beautiful traditions that you can include into your marriage ceremony. These types of traditions are usually a combination of way of living, past events and religious values.

Taming a dope

One of the more interesting B razil wedding practices involves the groom looking to tame a donkey. In this psychology of online dating way, he shows his https://mylatinabride.com/brazilian-women/ bility to effectively live with his bride and that he loves her enough to try to prove him self in the face of her father’s opposition.

The entrance in the bride and bridegroom into the wedding ceremony https://www.pinterest.com/pin/389772542728448825/ is often a very exciting the main wedding. In Brazilian weddings, yet , the groom is given the respect of making a great entrance too! He usually walks throughout the aisle with his mother or a close female relative.


Rice tossing after the wedding party is also one very popular Brazilian tradition. This is done to invite absolutely adore, joy and success into the newly wedded couple’s life.


An alternative traditional B razil wedding treat is the lembrancinha. These desserts are given away to each visitor at the end of your wedding and symbolize all the best.

Madrinhas and Padrinhos

In Brazilian wedding events, there are usually 3 madrinhas (men) and three padrinhos (women) on each part of the wedding ceremony. These are commonly older family, yet there are a lot of couples who choose madrinhas and padrinhos from their own personal families as well.

Custom hems

A common B razil wedding traditions is for the bride to get her dress hemed with the brands of a variety of single woman friends. This can help to ensure that she is going to get married quickly and easily.